February 1, 2017

Three Poems by Sugar Tobey: "Someday," "Gut Feeling," and "Night"

Sugar Tobey was born in Coney Island, Brooklyn, received a degree from the School of Visual Arts, and now lives in NYC above a pizza parlor.


I know I won’t
be here
I’ll be gone to
heaven or hell
the causal plane
or even back
to the source

but I understand
it probably won’t
be here

I fear that maybe I won’t
be able to know
you again

Gut Feeling

If you were to come back
when a lot of people do come back
maybe I wish they wouldn’t

now temples graying
breasts sunken and worst of all
with eyes dulled

I would just as soon pass
you will find that my belly has grown
huge wise and intolerant


Some people look
at the night sky
and feel emptiness and loss

maybe for them
things really aren’t
so good at home

why would glitter
splashed across black velvet
make anybody sad

Sugar Tobey

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