February 1, 2017

Two Poems by Lea Boyd: "Stupid Humans" and "First Sight'"

Lea Boyd lives in Southern Indiana. She has been published in a book, "Upon Arrival," and is soon to be published in Spillwords.  Lea Boyd says she is "A Murky Mind on Facebook."

First Sight

All my life.
Love at first sight.
Not real.
My eyes.
Searching no more.
Our souls met.
Before I knew.
My heart.
A feeling.
Warm and beautiful.
Love at...
First sight.

Stupid Humans

She is amazing
A miracle.
Producing everything.
Everything we need.
Stupid humans.
Dig to her core.
Raping her.
Painful I would think.
She responds.
Tidal waves.
Stupid humans.
Food in abundance.
We over indulge.
Killing everything.
Everything we touch.
Trophies, so sad.
Stupid humans.....
You're next.

Lea Boyd

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