July 6, 2018

Flash Fiction by Marcia Conover: "The End"

Marcia Conover was born in Indiana, growing up in a small Farming community located in northern Madison County. Since she was a small child, she has had a compassion for animals in need and a love of photography and the outdoors. She wrote short fiction and poetry since high school and has been published in Indiana Voice Journal and several anthologies available on Amazon. She is married with 2 grown children and lives on a small farm where she has owned and operated an in-home state-licensed child care since 1984.


A bright sun overhead illuminating the Aqua blue surroundings, wave after wave splashing against her naked body. How did I end up here? Was this how it was going to end? She was questioning everything. Her hands and feet wrinkled, shriveled white from the salty water. Arms floating freely beside her exhausted frame. She was done! No more fighting, no more frustration, she was giving up. Her body was numb. Slowly she began to slip into unconsciousness. Wondering if anyone would miss her. Would anyone be asking where she had disappeared to? No one was even near enough to hear her shout, scream, cry. She raised her head slightly and could see the wind blowing the branches of a palm tree far off in the distance and she felt it brush her scorched cheeks. She was so tired she lay her head back down into the water and let her weary body float. This had been one hell of an insane day.  A stressful executive job gone wrong. Entertaining corporate bigwigs on huge yachts. Sounds exciting but not so much anymore. She closed her eyes one last time and slowly began to drift off into a land of dreams moving toward the light. She could hear music softly floating through the air, a tune soothing to her soul She felt suspended in nothingness just floating away, out of her control. BOOM … BOOM … Startled she bobbed upright sputtering in a confused stupor out of touch with where she was momentarily.  She struggled to stand up stumbling to find her footing. Climbing out she grabbed her robe and walked slowly across the deck from the hot tub to the house. What a day, what a day indeed!

~Marcia Durant Conover

Marcia Durant Conover: Flash Fiction

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