May 1, 2015

Carol Moon: "A Kiss That Surpasses All Understanding"

Carol Moon is a librarian and instructor of German at Saint Leo University. In her spare time, she studies creative writing, and hopes to do a doctorate in Poetry some day soon!

A Kiss That Surpasses All Understanding

Some days I just don’t want to turn the other cheek.
Some days I feel no blessing by being meek.

When so-called friends mock me to my very face,
Why try to reconcile with them and act with saintly grace?

Can’t I in anger tip over moneychangers’ tables?
Can’t I dust off my sandals and leave forthwith unloving gables?
What can peace achieve with those who still fight dirty?
In 2015 does wisdom really come with the age of thirty?

In truth, I do oppose state laws like Stand Your Ground.
Tooth for a tooth or eye for an eye – is not ever sound.
Even so, offering my face to foes for a second slap
Goes against my armored brain; I don’t want to be a sap.

But when I see a courtroom killer kissed by the mother of the slain,
I’m struck. Why can’t I be that kiss that cancels every pain?

~Carol Moon

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