May 1, 2015

Lubaba Faisal: "The Mirror Play"

I can describe my self as an author by passion, just grabbed my pen and decided to become a writer. I have graduated from engineering faculty but never felt as an engineer sometimes I wonder why did I pick that major. So I decided to turn back the time because it's never too late. That's how I became a writer. My only published work is on my blog but I am currently sending to different magazines.

The Mirror Play

A reflection of you
A picture of you

Or maybe a vision of you

How you see yourself
How you describe yourself
The better you, the worst you

We always focus on the negative points, always searching for flaws to blame.
My hair, my body, my eyes and the list goes on until confidence is gone.

A reflection of weakness and discourage, staring at you, pointing fingers at that microscopic
scar. How dare you look at me with all these flaws?
"You are not the fairest of them all".

Dragging your legs, you walk away. A sudden loneliness you feel, differentiating yourself
from them all.
A sad play we act all alone. A tragically ending we write on our own.

Never liked teary eyes so a new play I will write call it "confidence" or "self-possession".
The first scene is a reflection with no mirrors.

A self-reflection, a seeking process.
Looking deep inside you.

Snatching the good, grabbing your strength.

Second scene is hanging your mirror. 

Splashing a glass of water.
Washing of the weakness.

Last scene:
The deep look into the hero's eyes.
The big smile on those pretty lips.
The proud pose with that glowing skin.
Curtains won't close before the final words.

"I am the finest of them all"
Sounds of applause, curtains come down.

Turn back and walk with your head up high.

~Lubaba Faisal

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