May 1, 2015


Indiana Voice Journal May 2015 Cover
Anna Pavlova as a Bacchante,  by John Lavery 1911 PD

 Grit and Grace. I am captivated by the emotional depth, strength, and honesty expressed in the thirty-two features embedded in this issue of Indiana Voice Journal. The stories, poems, and artwork, all created by women, add to the richness with which we can explore our inner lives, our fears, our faith, our connectedness. As storytellers, and as women, we've been given a great gift and an even greater responsibility. To teach, nurture, heal, protect, and love. To touch hearts, to change lives, and to stand united against social and cultural injustices in our societies, circles, families, and tribes.
I deeply regret not being able to use every piece submitted for this issue, mostly because of space requirements, but keep singing. Keep submitting. Keep telling your stories...

~Janine Pickett, Editor
“There’s no greater agony than carrying around an untold story inside yourself.”
— Maya Angelou



Prerna Bakshi: Three poems, "A Tale Of Round Rotis "

Elizabeth Brooks: "You may applaud now!"

Cara Losier Chanoine:  Three Poems, “Elegy for Boots”

Kika Dorsey: Three poems, "Yggdrasil"
Lubaba Faisal: "The Mirror Play"

Krista Genevieve Farris: Three Poems, "First Grade Secret Santa Gift from a Boy I Might Have Loved"

Allison Grayhurst: Three Poems, "Crystal dark"

Belinda Hubert: Four Poems, "Easy Mom"

Christina Johnson: Three Poems, "The Soul"

Becca Lamarre: Three Poems, "Every Time I Push Through a Door"

Jessica Wiseman Lawrence:  Three Poems, "Lie"

Sylvia McCullough: Three Poems, "The Deer"

Carol Moon: "A Kiss That Surpasses All Understanding"

E.F. Schraeder: Three Poems, "Creative Thought"

Cecilia Soprano: Two Poems, "The Rocking Horse"

Lisa Strohl: "A Secret Love Poem"

Sarah Thursday: Three Poems, "What I Mean When I Say Run"

Rachel Watson: Three Poems, “Dinah’s Dream”

Hiromi Yoshida: Three Poems, "Last Supper in Terre Haute"


Judy Beaston:  "Selfies With Willa"

Elizabeth Challinor:  "Seasons" and "A Tale From Inside"

DH Hanni: "Training Day"

Gwendolyn Kiste: "Violet The Baker"

Carolyn Smuts: "Thirty Years Gone"

Carroll Susco: "Jane Seymour (Henry VIII’s wife, not the actress)"

Doni York: "The Sunflower Artist"


Patty Fischer: A Novel Excerpt  "Insect Politics" 


J.C. Elkin:  Memoir "Encore"

Nancy Lane: Essay "My Mother's Crown"

Amanda Noble: CNF "Kasamas"

Michelle Reinhold: CNF "You Hope"

Carol Smallwood: Essay "Old Black and White Films"

Cecilia Soprano: Nonfiction & Visual Art  "Lincoln The Crow"

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