May 1, 2015

E.F. Schraeder: Three Poems, "Creative Thought"

E.F. Schraeder's creative work has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies including Voluted Tales, Hoax, Haz Mat Review, Lavender Review, Corvus Magazine, Carnival of the Damned, and others. Author of a poetry chapbook, The Hunger Tree, Schraeder studied the humanities in graduate school and has an interdisciplinary Ph.D.  Find more online at 

Creative Thought

Before the prequel to the sequel
was the original

maybe black and white celluloid
or hot technicolor 

sent into the world 
like a folded paper crane  

swimming against a thousand rejections
and reviews, unfolded on screen 

into a confessional booth of truth
for a generation of audiences,

whose children now wait 
for someone else to write it,

to box it up, and sell it back to us.

Again, This 

Beyond the ledge of a looming, stony cliff 
of depression peeks sunlight. Wait it out,
with a tired treadmill push, watch for the proverbial

burst of blue sky or bluebird to replace the blues.
Before coding melancholy moods 
became an industry, there was only time.

Each dusty windowsill reminding,
life happens out there, see? And death, 
that coiled snake of a friend.  Look, its all there.

Maybe the weight of perspective is a boon,
like whatever kept me from skinny dipping
at 15 beneath the hot sun keeps me   

looking for that burst of sunlight,
thick yellow brightness, until just as fast
the lightness of everything makes me laugh.


Eternity of Everything

When I first learned about heaven,
the cosmic yes of stardust become time

like golden morning light dancing
on a cornfield, sky blue as a hyacinth,

the idea fragmented, waited to explode 
its lonely answers to the thousand losses, 

those slow collapsed moments 
when a loved heart stops. 

How grief collides 
against a nothing day, 

other people work, send texts 
though life-as-you-know-it shatters, 

a confetti egg 

showering glittering bits of faint happiness,
leaving nothing but a mess.

Then that brief flash of understanding 
how all life connects, compassion

bright as a shooting star,  
uniting all beings in infinite oneness.

            ~E.F. Schraeder

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