May 1, 2015

Elizabeth Brooks: "You may applaud now!"

Elizabeth Brooks is originally from Trinidad and Tobago. She is a lover of life, family, friends, a good book and lots of laughter. 

You may applaud now!


 We are pumps, lace, silk and satin
long skirts, short skirts, sequins, pearls
leather, leggings and jeggings
We are power suits, power dress, diamonds,

Bangles and rings
We are educators, doctors, writers and lawyers
actors, artists,  students and athletes,
nurses and care-givers

We are Nobel prize winners in every category,
in literature and peace,
chemistry and physics
medicine and economics
because we are believers, givers, fighters and protectors

We are mothers, friends, lovers, pastors, politicians and wives
we are royalty, CEO’s and CFO’s
Yes, we are in the boardroom
we are a force to be reckoned with

We are resilient, perceptive and wise,
your sixth  sense, your conscience
your universe

We are the lighter side of you,
we are the depths you want to conquer
we are gentle, passionate, kind, beguiling, saucy and sassy
we are Mother Earth and Mother Nature
naturally, we give birth

We are the progenitor of ideas
at times we are not what you see
but we are what you get.
A lot of trappings
Sometimes too much baggage
Or  overstuffed carryon luggage

We can be your worst nightmare –historically, a hurricane
Or your most vivid delightful dream
which takes you through the bliss of death and dying
reverberating - weeping
and we bring you back again- spent,
but full of joy and sometimes laughter
you are given a second wind
you can breathe again – to dream again

Oh! We are very worthy of your praise
and we are everywhere,
but you are a part of us and we, you.

and we will not be denied
you are no better than us nor we any less than you
Yet by His Grace, we birthed you
you are the gift, now it is time for us to nurture you
and we are well-quipped
because we are bold, fearless and God-Inspired women
We are Beautiful!

I’ll take my bow!

~Elizabeth Brooks (Boldly into Grace)

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