January 4, 2016

A Poem By Ken Allan Dronsfield: "Jack Speaks R2"

Ken Allan Dronsfield is a Published Poet/Author/Digital Artist who resides in Oklahoma. He has been writing for many years and has, only recently, been published in a variety of print venues. 

Indiana Voice Journal January

Jack Speaks R2

"Although intoxicated within my ethereal madness;
bound within the chains of soulless treason.
I'm desperately in love with this Gothic sadness;
whilst staring into the mists of disheartened reason.
Walking and stalking through the dark rancid streets;
stopping for shots as the pain's finally receding.
Through smoke and crowds; so reverent and discreet.
A bottle to the abyss, heartless and bleeding.
See their frightened eyes view my crumpled prize;
there in the lane of the White Chapel fame.
A gutter splashed with blood and wasted faceless lives;
Feeling not of blame, nor absolved pious shame.
Muffled be the moans through incised dreams;
inhaling a mind leaving at times; exhaling into hell.
Humming in rhyme; of hope and whispered screams.
Clock talks bye, and so should I, pack and leave as well."

~Ken Allan Dronsfield

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