January 4, 2016

Three Poems By Y.X. Xia: "Not Running Away", "Willow Tree", "Apple Tree"

Y.X. Xia is a scientist by day, poet by daydream. His work has been published or is forthcoming from Strong Verse,  Society of Classical Poets, Boston Literary Magazine, Otoliths, Pantheon Magazine, Star*line, Eunoia Review and elsewhere (see yuxingxia.wordpress.com). He also really likes boards that promote justice such as the washboard. Like really, all kinds of flat boards.

Not Running Away

Velvet threads fell

on top of our bed

as the night descended

into plain sight.

Finally, our dog left

the room for prolonged

hibernation. Even under

dull moonlight, we were

dually locked in embrace, letting

the excitement hold

our breaths in short

bursts toward the edge

of our imaginary bed.

Willow Tree

Beneath the stout willow tree,

a branch’s worth of leaves depart

for a long descent to my shoulder.

I tried to grasp its swiveling body,

but could barely touch its silky skin

before it wandered away.

Apple tree
You tell me about the apple tree
you planted a century ago:
its soft murmurs of survival
through pacing monsoons
and underage thieves,
the way a branch
becomes a swing set,

how leaves become a cloak,
and I believed you
but only as much
as an empty hole
will tell strangers

its story.

Apple Tree is a reprint from Nazar Look.
~Y.X. Xia

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