January 4, 2016

Two Poems By Ananya S. Guha: "Man Dies", "Summer In Fetters"

Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong in North East India. He has been writing and publishing poetry for the last thirty years.



Man Dies


the chair angular 
the table plain but 

the room ghost's prey
the hall, foreboding sullen
each is a man, animal
in midst of this there is refinement
table talk and coffee babble

till the chair falls
the table erodes
the hall crumbles
man dies

are they used for funerals?
no coffins are
are they used as man's memoirs, bibliography
man dies
they are man's definitive symbols
man's wealth, and his tiny breathing space
the chair is comfortable
the table elegant
the hall silent, sad
man dies.

Summer In Fetters

The day was
unusually warm
summer in fetters

september clad
the day betrayed illusions
of cold and the sun's glare
a bit too admonitory
the day shed off steam of summer
and embraced a nightly rendezvous
shops refused to close and traffic displayed
usual misdemeanour
By a lonely road walked a man
looked ghostly, waiting for a taxi
he reflected winter in perfect clothing
but the day did not understand that winter
presages warm clothes, with age it is a foregone maze
muffler, hat and woollens
and, swiping dust.

~Ananya S Guha

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