January 4, 2016

Three Poems By Milton Montague: " "Sweet Spot", "The Face", "Writer's Block"

milt montague was born and raised in new york city, survived The Great Depression, the school system, and World War ll.  After 20 years back at college he discovered poetry at 85.  Now at 90 plus he has 54 poems published in 14 different magazines.     

sweet spot
just before dawn
sky still grey
relaxed on the recliner
eyes closed body at rest

seeking that sweet spot
my mind’s secret door
the rabbit hole
my looking glass
into another kingdom

waiting patiently
thoughts on hold
for the magic spot
to appear on the wall

slowly it takes form
just off to my right
pale creamy beige
the size of my hand

i shrink and enter
my portal into
a private world
of limitless imagination

here all things are possible
nature’s laws are suspended

in this realm
i am the creator

The Face
One day
I chanced upon a face
A most wondrous face
Wreathed in silken gold

Enlivened by a pair
Of heavenly azure eyes
Two sensuous red lips
Waiting to be kissed       

And as I spoke
I trembled lest
In my anxiety  
I’d frighten her away

And when she replied
It was the music of faeries
Dancing on cowslips

I looked deep into her eyes
Bottomless seas of warmth
Promising infinite bliss

Year after year
I searched this world
For my true love
And found her
In my own backyard

Writers Block
A river of images 
desperate to be born
Gnus pounding the plains
Pronghorns bounding forward
All in their primal drive for water
My computer teeming with ideas
Screaming loudly to be heard
Is now in shut down mode
Awaiting new concepts
To reopen the gates 

My mind creating new thoughts
Replete with word pictures
Battling to be birthed
Only yesterday
Now blank
A nada
i bow to
pray for my
eureka moment
the river to run again
the sun to shine once more
the heavens to smile on this mortal

 ~Milton Montague

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