May 4, 2016

Creative Nonfiction/Essay By Elizabeth Brooks: "The Call of the Child"

Elizabeth Brooks resides in Tampa, Florida. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  A lover of life, family, friends, a good book,  lots of laughter and continues to grow in her faith and accept many challenges.  She is a librarian by profession and a part-time reference librarian at Saint Leo University, St. Leo Florida. She continues to enjoy reading and sharing her poems with many, at events in Tampa Bay.


The Call of the Child

One of the most enchanting sounds is the voice of a child calling for its mother. This beguiling sound trumpets a blessing. Every time I hear the call or cry of a child, it is like a heartfelt prayer from the voices of  my children.

The call or cry, is the prayer of a child. It is magical, a language unto itself, without accent or nationality, infused with knowing and expectancy.  The call is an explosion of hope, trust and love. Naturally, mothers will always be there to listen, to protect, to defend and to share. But at birth, when the umbilical cord is severed from mother to child, there is another dynamic. An invisible cord is permanently tethered from mother to mother and can be discerned. We have the capacity to respond to the magnetism that rhythm, the call of the child. The sound of the call elicits a stimulus response like a subtle electric charge that produces a wondrous effect. A phenomenon.

I hear the echo, feel the surge, the wave - the connectedness of mother to mother, mother to child. It runs through every muscle, every sinew, every drop of blood, every tissue. It goes beyond biological and physiological, it is supernatural. It massages my need to spread a wing, hug to my breast.  Maybe drop to a knee, bow to see. We are blessed with maternal gifts. Maternal gifts in synergy, a big responsibility that is mutually advantageous.

At the call, instinctively I turn my head at the mall, street, park or supermarket. I discover that it is not my child but with my gaze, ensure that child is safe. With compassion and empathy, I smile and I bless the child I look upon, regardless of creed, race, color or nationality. I know that every blessing I give to each and every child, God multiplies those blessings I send as gifts back to my children.

This is an invitation! You are invited to the Call of the Child, hear the call, heed the cry, even the giggle, the smile, the sound of laughter and bless the child. Smile! Let us bless all our sons and our daughters. Stay attuned.  Tap into it! Do it spontaneously! Bless the child, selfishly or sincerely. Blessings don’t ask why. But they are returned by God as abundant rewards to your child.

One step to change our culture.  One step to  change the world!

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~Elizabeth Brooks

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