May 4, 2016

Five Poems By Milton Montague: "Because", "Eleven Smiling Faces", "For the Birds", "On the Grass", "Orion the Hunter"

milt montague,, 205 west end ave, new york, new york 10023, was born and raised in new york city, survived The Great Depression, the school system, and World War ll.  Finished college, married happily, raised 3 lovely daughters, retired.   Back to college and after 20 years discovered poetry at  85.  Now at 90 plus years, he has 78 poems published in 26 different magazines in under 3 years.     


because the earth rotates every 24 hours
               giving us night and day
because the earth revolves around the sun
               giving us four seasons
because in the dead of winter’s arctic grip
               we dream of spring
because our planet will go supernova
               in five billion years
because I just celebrated my 91st birthday
               in excellent health

what the hell
ring all the bells
have a great party
???? tomorrow brings   

 eleven smiling faces

greetings my friends
my eleven smiling faces
soft baby pink petals
edged with darker tones

seeking to tell
all who will see
their message
of unadorned love

tightly wrapped corollas
convey the essence
protect the inner core
in an aura of
peace and goodwill

my beloved’s weekly gift

magic potion
a suit of armor
or Balm of Gilead
to protect us against
all potential misfortunes 

 for the birds

we go to local parks
seek out our songsters
enjoy beauty of their song
as they flit amongst the trees
providing a vocal concert for all
upon a canvas of nature’s beauty

one time
they flew freely
over the entire planet
now restricted to small parks
or undeveloped areas of the world

their future dim
will they become only
a museum curiosity seen as
a special group of extinct avians


on the grass

lying on the ground
in an open field
nibbling on a blade of grass

under a glorious sun
communing with nature
all is well


the Pansy plays Harlequin
to the Daisy’s Colombine
dancing to Mozart’s
heavenly refrains

while the Buttercup
performs a series of
exquisite ballet pirouettes
on one toe

the world is at peace
at least for now

orion the hunter

Orion the hunter with club and dog Sirius
bestride the dark winter heavens

a demigod {from the liaison of a god, male and woman]
when he roamed the earth
claiming to be greatest of hunters

famous for his braggadocio
especially after drinking heavily
that he could kill any living creature
with only his club

the gods tired of his boasting
created a giant scorpion
to challenge his boast

they met in battle
the scorpion prevailed
Orion succumbed

the contestants enshrined
in our night sky

~Milton Montague

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