May 4, 2016

Two Poems By Edilson A. Ferreira: "Moments", "Money, As Viewed By A Poet"

Mr. Ferreira is a Brazilian poet  published (or upcoming to) in venues like  Right Hand Pointing, Boston Poetry Magazine, The Lake, The Stare’s Nest, The Provo Canyon, Red Wolf Journal, Subterranean Blue, Highland Park Poetry, Whispers, West Ward Quarterly, Indiana Voice Journal, Synesthesia, Dead Snakes and various others. Short listed in four American Poetry Contests, lives in a small town with wife, three sons and a granddaughter and is collecting his works for a forthcoming book.        


How many more sufferings are hidden
on the laps of time,
on the corners of life?
How many more unwanted lines
in off-screen and in secret has written
unknown destiny’s Master?
Indeed, we are not the right owners of our days,
occupied on pursuing threads random thrown
around infamous old a Greek labyrinth.
Really, it is bitter, even ruthless a price
that all of us have been charged to be alive.  
But it is true there are some tiny moments,
few minutes, even seconds,
so happy and blessed ones, which well worth  
all the troubles of so broken one human soul.


I suffer from cold fits when I hear of money.
Does a poet need money? Does he understand it?
They ask if I want to sell my house, my car,
how many dollars do I want for them.
I rarely remember if they are mine,
or how much had I paid for them, if so.
They do not know how impertinent they are.
Should I value my things, my labor, my time,
or, by chance, my life?
People cannot understand poet’s measures.
Is it possible they do not know that they are   
the human happiness,
a plain smile
and permanent beauty’s ravishment?
First published in Right Hand Pointing, issue 78, September 2014.

~Edilson A. Ferreira

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