May 4, 2016

Three Poems by Mary E. Bone: "The Rose", "My Trip to the Petaluma", "The Falcon"

Mary Bone has had poems published in magazines, journals and newspapers. Her most recent poem was featured at Poebita Poetry magazine. Another recent poetry acceptance was from the Oklahoma Today magazine. My poem, ”Other Warriors”, will appear in  their July/August magazine. 

The Rose

When I found the rose covered with vines,
I reached in to touch the velvety softness
And was stung by a bee.
I was also scratched by a thorn,
Leaving a trail of blood.
I tried to draw the rose on paper
It seemed so simple, but I couldn’t capture
Its true beauty, or the aroma on paper.

My Trip to the Petaluma

When I visited the Petaluma,
It was a journey of the mind.
I left all of my cares and worries behind.
I sat down with a pen and paper in hand
And let my toes sink into the sand.
My mind and the river were both flowing at once
And I heard a voice from the Petaluma,
That continues to make me shiver.
As my eyes popped open, I realized it was
Just a dream, but it seemed so real.

The Falcon

The Falcon flies so high, so free,
Gliding around for all to see.
He’s a symbol of freedom for you and me.
His beauty fills me with tranquility.

~Mary E. Bone

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