May 4, 2016

Flash Fiction By Belinda Hubert: "Wish I Knew"

In addition to writing fiction and poetry, Belinda Hubert is currently working on a  a collection of short stories about life in the Midwest. Her novel, Shrink Wrapped is available on Amazon. Belinda works as a clinical psychologist in a private practice in Lowell, Indiana.

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Wish I Knew

I know I don't know - and I think that is brave.  It's easier to have all the answers than to be wise and courageous enough to walk through the unknown with curiosity and compassion.  I say simple is not at all easy and I believe we need to engage in our lives in a way that helps and honors one another. That's kind of tricky.  I had a neighbor once who knew all the answers.  We'll call him Sal.  He knew why utility rates were too high, why people got afraid or depressed, why trees grew deep roots and dogs barked.  All you had to do was ask him one question - like would he be able to get your mail this Saturday? - and he would tell you all of that and plenty more.  His tribal view of EVERYTHING excluded everybody and everything that wasn't him. The good guys were like him in appearance, belief and education level ( he did not like people who were too educated.  Those people had no common sense). But hey, life was simple for him.  He didn't have to consider the needs of others, because if you weren't in his group, you were so wrong you did't matter.  You were less than human, or you were the cause of every evil on the planet. He had it all wrapped up in a neat little bale and he scared the puddin' out of me.   I'm pretty sure that simple is not easy.  I'm pretty sure that  life stays hard and we keep improving and getting better anyway because we're brave and adaptable and we get it that life has meaning for all of us.  I do not know for sure, though.  I do know, however, that the "love one another" business is freakin' hard work.  Guys like Sal make me work hard to do that. I soooo don't know everything yet.  Pretty sure I'll die without ever wrapping things into a nice bundle. And that gives me tremendous joy.

~Belinda Hubert 


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