May 9, 2017

Six Poems by Adreyo Sen: "Tea Shop Man", Tea Sop Boy", "Tea Shop Boy", "Homeless Man", "Man Reading a Newspaper", "Old Woman"

Adreyo Sen recently finished his MFA from Stony Brook, Southampton.  His interests lie in magic realism, fantasy, and Victorian Literature.


Tea Shop Man
The tatters in your shirt have their own history,
Each a memory of time spent in consummate skill,
Tossing your wok to rainy day perfection,
Each golden triangle a promise of bliss.

Tea Shop Boy
Your entire world’s the tea shop,
Its bounds the much frequented bench,
The slow moving street your movie screen.
And yet in your gravely laughing eyes,
Is the knowledge of all of life.

Tea Shop Boy
One hand on the table,
The other at your waist,
You contemplate the world’s
Insoluble problems.

Your eyes are those of a plaintive doe,
Till the tea threatens to spill over,
Then they are of a general
Capable of quelling
A tempest in a tea pot.
Or a saucepan in this case.

Homeless Man
Your eyes have an angry calm,
Your clothes the stilled soot of war.
Your large feet take baby steps,
As if you’re discovering the world anew.

Man Reading a Newspaper
You forsake this world
For the larger one.
Would you notice
If I tied your shoelaces together?

Old Woman
You throw water on the street
With vim and vigor,
One hand clutching your saree.

Are you pouring blessings on an imaginary grandson,
Or curses on a very real

© Adreyo Sen

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