May 9, 2017

Three Poems by Bevan Boggenpoel: "Bible", "He Sacrficied it All", and "All My Joy"

Bevan Boggenpoel is a South African poet. Although his poetry is written in a South African context that covers different issues in daily life, his writing also strives to tell a story or teach a lesson that will inspire and motivate readers globally. He completed a Baccalaureate in Education at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and currently teaches in Port Elizabeth. His poetry has been published in Dissident Voice, Indiana Voice Journal, The Poetry Community, The Voices Project, Whispers, Prachya Review, Dead Snakes, Tuck Magazine, Visual Verse, Section 8 Magazine and Syzygy Poetry Journal. A recent anthology, "Shades of the Same Skin" was published by Creative Talents Unleashed.


Give me the bible,
My compass in the wild.
So I can learn its truths,
Like an innocent little child.

I want to grow up,
Between its pages and its lessons.
So I can take with me,
Its wisdom and its blessings.

Give me the bible,
The old and new testament.
So it can be to me,
A lifetime investment.

The words in its books,
Lifts my spirit high.
It gives me hope,
And eternal life when I die.

Give me the bible,
So I can study with a smile.
Because it teaches me,
Jesus will return in a little while.

He Sacrificed it All

A golden crown,
He left behind.
To attend to sin,
Of all mankind.

Willingly accepted,
The obligation.
To secure unto Himself,
A congregation.

The streets of gold,
Exchanged for dust.
To win back man's,
Favour and trust.

A crown with thorns,
And a wooden cross.
Was His destiny,
To seek the lost

He sacrificed it all,
When He took the fall.
He has broken down,
Every satanic wall.

All My Joy

When my hope is wavering,
My strength is shot.
I look to Christ,
Who cares a lot.

Like a fire,
He lights me up.
He takes His love,
Then fills my cup.

When cares and burdens,
Dampens my soul.
I look to Christ,
To take control.

Like a match,
He gives me back my spark.
His glorious light,
Removes the dark.

Glad as a baby,
Who receives a toy.
He gives me back,
All my joy.

© Bevan Boggenpoel

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