May 9, 2017

Three Poems by JD DeHart: "Anomalies", "Sagely", and "Hyperventilation"

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  He blogs at


How the many species
travel from here to there,
as a child, imagining what
else might be in the world

Other than that which
is known, so profoundly

Perhaps I myself am just
such an anomaly, working
hard, chameleonic, to
blend into a world of patterns
I don't share.


Lessons in being sage-like:
Regardless of gender, grow
beard (or paste one on) so
that whiskers can be stroked

Laugh with only a portion
of your being.  The rest of
your brain is heavily engaged
in quantitative and qualitative
study.  Big stuff's happening.

Never say I don't know.  Only
say I'm not familiar, even if the
person you are talking with
only asks for the time.
I'm not familiar; I forgot my
watch is also an acceptable
reply in this case.


Words like topsy-turvy
and dervish only begin
to describe the world being
sucked out of the lungs

An exciting, jumping
moment unforeseen, how
could this joy come to be?

That is, until the glaring look
of a knowing adult shuts down
the whole exercise, hands
drop to the side, the balloon
has deflated.

© JD DeHart

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