May 9, 2017

Two Poems by Ann Christine Tabaka: "Everlasting" and "My Two Lovers"

Ann Christine Tabaka, is better known by her middle name, Chris. She has been writing poems and rhymes since she was fourteen. She was an artist, a chemist, and a personal trainer. She recently had 4 poems accepted into the upcoming Contemporary Group’s anthology “Dandelion in a Vase of Roses,” and 2 poems accepted by “The Society of Classical Poets,” and will have poems in the summer 2017 issue of “Halcyon Days Magazine.”


Oh so many years ago
As I walked upon this land
I did witness many wonders
Wonders countless as the sand

For I am an ancient soul
I transcend both time and space
It has been many eons
Since I came upon this place

The stars above are family
I wear the night as my cloak
I roamed this planet since its dawn
Before man ever spoke

The forests are my castle
The mountains are my throne
Where I oversee the oceans
From which all life has grown

My words have painted pictures
In the minds of those who heard
My voice gives flight to dreams
That soar high as a bird

There are angels in my future
There were dragons in my past
Many worlds will spring forth and die
Before I leave this life at last

I swam with creatures of the deep
And to the moon I gave birth
Within your hearts you know me
I am the spirit of the Earth


The morning sun shines
brightly through the window.
My lover lifts his head from my shoulder
and softly nuzzles me.
Swiftly he is gone
without a word.
He stretches in the sun’s warmth
oblivious to what events the day may bring.
He does not bother himself with such details;
he knows his needs will be met.
As he yawns and rolls over
to continue his nap,
he purrs.
How I envy him sometimes.
My lover does not know
I have been unfaithful.
He is unaware of the world outside his door
where the red haired gentleman
waits for me each morning
wanting only a moment of my time and affection.
Life is not taken for granted
out there in the real world.
How very different my two lovers are.

© Ann Christine Tabaka

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