May 9, 2017

Three Poems by Milton Montague: "a funny bird", "magic of poetry", and "she loves me"

Milt Montague was born and raised in New York in the 1920’s, fought in world war ll, graduated as an engineer, was in several businesses, found love, marriage, raised three lovely daughters, while pursuing a career, with his wife, in high fashion ladies clothing. He has recorded many tales from a long and busy life, all true. So far, 15 of his memoirs and 118 of his poems have been published in under 4 years.

a funny bird

the ostrich is a funny bird
seemingly put together
from odds and ends
or leftover parts

two long skinny legs
a neck to match
sticking out of a
football shaped body

lush black/white wing feathers
larger more beautiful on it’s tail

can’t fly but can run fast
stands over eight feet tall
temperamental and when mad
delivers a kick that can break a man’s leg

raised on large ranches in South Africa
rounded up once a year to harvest
it’s gorgeous long plumage to grace ladies hats
and create fans for exotic girl dancers
covered with little else

reputed in the past
to carry fierce midget warriors
into battle on their back

magic of poetry

poetry has a transformative effect
on everyone it encounters

it dresses a black and white photo in color
     turns a homely man into a fabled lover
     another one into a financial genius
     still another into a religious guru
it can also change a woman into a great writer
     another into a goddess
     yet another into a siren
     still another becomes a seer at horoscopes
yet ignores hosts of others
as talented as these
     what this world needs is more poets
     to enhance all our lives

she loves me

she loves me
she loves me not
sure fire way to know
if your girl loves you still

pluck a daisy and find out quickly
at each reiteration remove one petal
the last one for the very last statement
this method guaranteed to work every time

it was a sure fire for our parents generation also
succeeded for their parents and their grandparents
we have a positive solution proven by five peer groups

so use it, man, use it

© Milton Montague

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