December 10, 2017

Janine Pickett Reviews "The Salamander Chronicles" by Don Beukes

The Salamander Chronicles 

The Salamander Chronicles by Don Beukes is a well-crafted book containing 79 pages. The cover is beautiful and points clearly to the remarkable words found inside.

I first became aware of author Don Beukes when he submitted poetry for publication in the Indiana Voice Journal. I was captivated by the language and structure of his poems, the cadence, and sometimes wail of his songs, and more importantly, the depth of the story he carries on his back. As a child of apartheid in South Africa, the author testifies of the horrors of poverty, inequality, and injustice while passionately calling us to action. He brings us to the realization that it's not just his story to carry. It's not just his burden to bear. It belongs to all of us.

For example, the poem Ataraxia opens with: In this ever-changing global/ village, we still struggle/to feel as one--Some blame/religion, for others humanity/has not yet begun

and ends with: We yearn to remain ataraxic/obliterate the toxic, permanently/optimistic- -Let us release/our inner liberating fire to/finally achieve long-lasting /ataraxia

Beukes poetry lives to empower and educate and to call forth the goodness in the world. His testimony is invaluable. Quite simply, we need this book!

About the Author: Don Beukes

Don Beukes is originally from Cape Town in South Africa and taught English and Geography for 20 years in South Africa and the UK. His poetry has been published in numerous anthologies and literary journals in the USA, Canada, India, Bangladesh and Philippines. His poetry has been translated into Afrikaans, Farsi and Albanian and his debut collection 'The Salamander Chronicles' was published by Creative Talents Unleashed in December 2016.

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