December 10, 2017

Three Poems by Adam Levon Brown: "Hot Pockets," "Be Wary," and "Destiny"

Adam Levon Brown is an author, poet, amateur photographer, and cat lover. He identifies as Queer.
He has had poetry published internationally in several languages. He enjoys long walks through the inner­ insanity of his psyche. He is an anti-imperialist with a love for books. When not tripping on his own musings, he enjoys reading fiction. He has been published in venues such as "Burningword Literary Journal," "Harbinger Asylum," "The Stray Branch," and others. Adam can be contacted via his website at

Abstract Pixabay

Hot Pockets

Everyone wishes for an Elysian love
on the battlegrounds of fate
No one is willing to pay
the true costs for such a thing
I'd settle for microwaved hot pockets
and a pirated movie at 2 AM
with someone who kisses me
There are days I'm alive
and days that I am dead
If I found someone with that understanding,
Love would find its long-nailed crimson stain
to me.

Be Wary

Be wary, heart
There are those amongst you
who would steal you only to pierce you, only to poison you
Be wise, mind
There are those who would seek to plant spiderweb cracks of devil's grief in your pool of knowledge
Be sturdy, body
There are those who would seek to tamper with your holy processes for their benefit and your loss
Be pleasant, smile
show yourself only when the autumn wind blows through the strands of your incisor-glued happiness
Be strong, stomach
for there will be those who wretch your lining in the name of profit
Be positive, aura
for there are those who would turn you as black as space just for the sake of being entwined in constellations


I am
no longer

has shown
me my life
in the palm
of its
Destiny is
no longer
a word,
a promise.

Adam Levon Brown


  1. These are all great, but I really enjoyed "Hot Pockets" Adam!

    1. Thank you, Christine! Glad you liked them.

  2. Adam,good stuff.Destiny is a rare beauty.

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