December 10, 2017

Two Poems by Daginne Aignend: "Beyond My Borders" and "Yearning for Colorful Carpets"

Daginne Aignend is a pseudonym for the Dutch writer, poetess, and photographic artist Inge Wesdijk.
She likes hard rock music and fantasy books. She is a vegetarian and spends a lot of time with her animals. Daginne posted some of her poems on her Facebook page and on her fun project website: . She's also the co-editor of Degenerate Literature, a poetry, flash fiction, and arts E-zine. She has been published in several magazines and two anthologies: "Where Are You From" and in the Contemporary Poet's Group's "Dandelion in a Vase of Roses."

Colorful Carpet by Daginne Aignend

Beyond My Borders

Once I loved you,
you know
A true deep love,
that's why I married you
Though I always considered
marriage before as sailing on
a ship of fools
We shared so much
in the beginning
It was a dream come true

Screaming sirens,
I was sure I had lost you
But you survived and
I took care of you,
nursed you
because I loved you
Something changed,
maybe I was over-protecting,
afraid you might
get hurt again
Since then, you took me
for granted
And I let you, my fault
My life was dominated
by serving yours
The moment you hit me
in blind rage because I tried
to regain a little of my freedom,
you crossed my borders
I left

Autumn Candy by Daginne Aignend

Yearning for Colorful Carpets

Oh, how I long for autumn,
so I can breathe again
Inhaling deep the
spicy herbal fragrances
of rainwashed woods
Summer feels like
a forced enjoyable season
everyone loves
the burning heat of the sun
Ultraviolet rays
cherish naked skin
Hiding in the shadow of
the walls of my apartment
I try to respire through
the layers of ozone and
pollen adrift
When dead leaves weave
their colorful carpets
along the streets,
I shall be reborn

Fall by Daginne Aignend

Daginne Aignend

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