December 10, 2017

Two Poems by Steven J. Jacobson: "Fall N' Falling" and "Skyward"

Steven J. Jacobson is a poet living in Hopkins, Minnesota. He has been published in more than two dozen magazines, including Access Press, Linnet’s Wings, Burningword Literary Journal, Eunoia Review, Little Red Tree Publishing, Indiana Voice Journal,  Leaves of Ink, Thought Notebook and Storyteller Magazine. He is a featured poet in Metric Conversions: Poetry of Our Time (Editura STUDIS, 2013).  An e-book, Spiritual Gait, was published in June 2016 by Storyteller Magazine.


Fall N’ Falling

days unleashing while unfurling pure energy and delight.
light of gold perching on the horizon, breath-taking like
a sailor suffocating seeing and sensing beautiful colors.
blue hues surrounded and wrapped by billowy
wooly white ice crystals. air crisp and cool,
fall like a peacock displaying and spreading colors
in the fullness of warmth and beauty. branches
bending and swaying in the gripping breeze,
stripping leaves randomly from the donor trees.
animals preparing for a wintery course in the upcoming days.
girl and boy button up for fall weather while jumping
in a leaf pile newly created frolicking and dancing
with stars in their eyes.


the sky breaks free
and blue bubbles forth
creating a beautiful motif
of white and blue. the fiery
orb shines and radiates
warmth and energy for
the entire earth. the
magnificent event parallels
the moment felt by the on-looker.
keeping ones heart and spirit
in welcoming and telling reverence,
while breathing and basking
in the light. each moment,
a life time of wishing and wonder.
the sky opens forth and in a moment
transcends everything. Counting and
collecting oneness with nature,
only to realize the strong
connection between light and life.

Steven J. Jacobson

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