March 22, 2018

A Poem by Glenda Higgins: "Falling Into Silence"

Glenda Higgins' writing journey started with children's stories and progressed to short stories and poetry. She has a volume of poetry published about her years in Vancouver, B.C., where she read in different venues such as La Quena on Commercial Drive. Visit her webpage at:

Falling Into Silence

My words climbed a mountain
To be squeezed by the sun
And smelled by the moon
Full ripe cheese

Talking in the night
About God and good
With a booming voice
Of questions raised

Backdrop against the devil
Flinging wandering doubts
Wondering beetle singing
In the early May snow

Under the lone tree
A mind of avalanches
A snow bowl of sound
Falling into silence

Glenda Higgins writes: "This poem is about my Outward Bound experience where I did a solo on top of a mountain for 3 days without food or water - it was a vision quest based on the North American Native tradition.

Glenda Higgins

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