March 22, 2018

Fiction by Cecilia Soprano: "Two Takes on the Same View"

Cecilia is a published poet from Kanonah, N.Y. She writes stories; and has also published 3 small books. The science and observation of the wild, and natural environment are her subjects and inspiration. She also has endless fascination with the human psyche in all its complexities of expression.

Personal Bias expressed two ways

Two Takes on the Same View   

(In the morning:

 Eddie and Maggie wake up in bed.

Eddie goes to the window and pulls up the shade.)

“Look at them, they are at it again, a bad crowd,

like a bunch of thieves casing our house.

Swaggering around out there on the lawn

like they own the place.  Did ya hear them cursing since dawn? 

They waked up the whole damn neighborhood?

”Who Eddie, who’s doing this?”

“Yep, looks like they’re gathering for a funeral march.

Black is the color of evil, you know.

They pick through the garbage on the side of the road

like they are pure vermin.”

“Who Eddie?  Who are you talkin’ about?”

“They hang out in a gang like they’ve got a secret from the rest of the world--

They do the devil’s work in plain view.  Spreader’s of disease they are.

I’d like to blast every one of them off the earth, they serve no purpose.”

“Who Eddie, Who are you watching?”

“No, that wouldn’t stop them, They breed like they

don’t have an enemy. 

They’d steal from a helpless baby -- just as quick as kill it.”

“Eddie!, Who are you talkin’ about that way?  Who?”

“The damn crows, Maggie, Those damn filthy  crows.”

(Next morning Maggie is up before Eddie.

She goes to the window and lifts the shade.)

“Look, Eddie,” She says.

They’re holding Sunday service at the trees again.

A nice crowd’s gathering. 

They’ve been singing and rehearsing since dawn.”

“Who?” Maggie, Who are you listenin’ to?”

Busy doing the work of God,

a dignified, an’ righteous community they are;

Always looking so neat and groomed.”

See how they sashay back and forth?

 Why they’re celebrating the sunrise!

“Who Maggie, who’s dancing out there?”

“See them congregating on the front lawn?

They’re protectin’ our house from harm, Eddie.

I believe they are the guardians of our house.”

“Look at who,  Maggie?   Who’s protecting the house?”

“I’ve never seen such a cheerful lot. 

They share their meals together like one big family;

enjoying life the way it was meant to be. 

God gave them a special place in this world.

 I’m going to put out some bread for them.”

“Who are you watchin’ Maggie?”

      (Eddie goes to the window.)

“Oh, for Petesake Maggie!  You’re talkin’ about

those damn filthy crows, aren’t you?   My God Woman

you haven’t got a lick of sense do you?  Not a lick!”

    (Maggie puts on her bathrobe and heads

downstairs to make breakfast.)

“Could be true, Eddie,    she says,

“Could be, it’s just you.”

Cecilia Soprano

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