March 22, 2018

Literary Places-Highlight: Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal

Advaitam Speaks Literary is an international Journal of Poetics and Visual Arts. We are constantly looking for unique and experimental poetry and works of visual art from different corners of the world.

Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal publishes four issues in a year, in the months of January, April, July, and October, showcasing the best poetry and visual arts submissions received by us. We are open to submissions year-round.

We welcome submissions by poets/authors/visual artists from diverse backgrounds and literary as well as aesthetic preferences. We admire all forms of unique hybrid and experimental poetry, collaborative writings, visual and graphic outpourings – anything that aesthetics can be capable of.

Rather than passive sentimentalism, we are more interested in artistic creations which actively respond to the dynamic world around us through imaginative brilliance, symbolism, strong imagery and metaphors guiding readers to experience reality from a new perspective.

We accept both simultaneous and multiple submissions. We may consider previously published works too. Hence, we request you to inform us promptly in case your submitted work finds acceptance elsewhere or your work is previously published somewhere else. We love people who are honest and we always give them a second thought. If you wish to withdraw a part of your submission, please mail us in advance.

POETRY : You may submit up to 3 poems at a time (max. 40 lines for each poem) .

ARTWORK : You may submit up to 5 pieces of any form of visual art at a time.

We try our best to respond to the submissions at the earliest.

If your work is accepted for publication, we will ask for non-exclusive publication rights. We would also request you to grant us permission to permanently archive your work online as well as rights for publication in our anthologies in the future. All the other rights will revert to you post publication.  If your work is reprinted elsewhere in future, we request you to acknowledge its first publication here.

We read submissions throughout the year. Works submitted after the deadline given for submission to a particular issue automatically roll over for consideration for the next issue.

Please send your Poetry Submissions in a Single Word File along with a Short Bio (150 words max) & a High Resolution Profile Photograph to :-

Please send your Visual Arts Submissions as email attachments along with a Short Bio (150 words max.) & a High Resolution Profile Photograph to

We are eagerly waiting for your work !

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