March 22, 2018

Indiana Voice Journal: March/April 2018, Issue #38

"When Season's Collide" Abstract 8 x 10 Acrylic Painting/J.Pickett

Welcome to our 38th beautiful, spur-of-the-moment issue of Indiana Voice Journal! Huge thanks to all the authors appearing here. We are currently accepting poetry, fiction, and essay submissions for our May/June #39 Issue. Please see our guidelines page. Submit your best! We look forward to reading your work! In this issue...


Three Poems by Joyce Zephyrin: "Crocus and Daffodil," "A Little Dust," and "Pearl Gray Dawn"
Three Poems by Debasish Parashar: "Roots Are Sticky", "A Bunch of Chaos", "Love in Less"
Two Poems by Angel Edwards: "Bereavement" and "Bird Watching"
A Poem by Glenda Higgins: "Falling Into Silence"
Five Poems by Maik Strosahl: "Stengel," "One Voice from a Mass Grave," "Seventh Avenue Jesus," "The Immortals," and "Counting the Scars"
Three Poems by Heath Brougher: "The Word Weaver," "Fuel," and "November Bough"
Three Poems by Debarshi Mitra: "Dawn," "Conquest," and "Ash"
Three Poems by Charles Frempong-Longdon Jr.: "The Devil is Marmalade," "Lucien," and "Blue January"
Two Poems by Anwer Ghani: "A Goose" and "Butterfly"
Three Poems by Edilson Afonso Ferreira: "Fears and Feelings," "Forever Human Generations," and "Earthly Love"
Five Poems by Joan Payne Kincaid: "The Goose is Getting Fat," "Poem About Things," "Holiday Activities II," "A Photograph," and "Pub-crawl II"
Four Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha: "Herdmenization," "Religious Beasts," "Political Monsters," and "Campaign Promises, a Bunch of Balderdash"


Fiction by Ana Vidosavljevic: "Confined Spaces and Shadows"
Fiction by Cecilia Soprano: "Two Takes on the Same View"


Literary Places-Highlight: Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal

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