May 11, 2018

A Poem by Belinda Hubert: "Saturated"

In addition to writing fiction and poetry, Belinda Hubert is currently working on a collection of short stories about life in the Midwest. Her novel, Shrink Wrapped is available on Amazon. Belinda works as a clinical psychologist in a private practice in Lowell, Indiana.

Photo submitted by Belinda Hubert


Sun shades are more golden in the mornings
Enriching  the mature colors of harvest
Breezes are cooler, waving tall branches and stems
Topped with yellow and purple and orange

Grass from hard packed grey/black soil is deep green
Less robust and slower to bolt
Scattered  with blown branches, acorns
And stray leaves just starting to fall

Fields of food are growing as far as my eye can see
Snacks everywhere to pluck off bushes, trees, vines
Every step of the path I walk each morning with a
Silly dog careening to a stop in tall grass, front down, tail up

Crickets hit the screen on the back porch with a metal pong
Birds cry, swoop and eat them
Thousands of calls, whirs and chirps
Leave little doubt every spot up or down is alive, feasting

Chipmunks are tunneling in my flower pots
Racing across my porch when the door opens
Squirrels are scrambling for trees across the gardens
While the dog shoves past my knees, losing his mind with joy

Making my way to the garage in early fall
My blacktopped driveway is littered with fun
Acorn caps make a satisfying crunch under my heel
Right in the center, three steps, three pops in a row

My not-self self is saturated with the bounty
Like a stream burbling over gold nuggets
It doesn’t belong to me, I belong to it
But my goodness it’s heavy with abundance

~Belinda Hubert

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