May 11, 2018

Cherifa Zekhnine Reviews "Atsa" by Raymond Greiner


by Raymond Greiner

Review by Cherifa Zekhnine 

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        Every time I read a new oeuvre by Raymond, I can't help being entranced afresh by both the ingenious wit of his message content and the harmonious flow of his felicitous prose style. The virtue of his admirable insight and truthful voice speaking real and fierce convictions, afar echoing superfluous conventionalism and triviality reveal the depth of his pensiveness and concerns about the fretting shadows of havoc and disorder sown by the dysfunctions of the human species modern life societal, economical, behavioral and political systems, having drifted astray by dint of ego-centrism, materialism and esurience.
        I was floored by how incredibly enjoyable is the purity and the  perishableness beauty of his novel "Atza". The young eagle, rising from the ashes of abandonment,  loss and strifling hideous fears to thrive and effloresce  into an accomplished successful human being longing for light, overcoming his bridling constraints, ferreting out the essence of life through a ceaseless quest to unearth and do his best to bring a humanistic difference into his fellows' life and species' universe.
       Having known Raymond as a writer and a human being, I felt in his protagonist's character "Atza",  his very own wanderer spirit, receiving into him the world around him, brooding thereon, with the wisdom of a sage and the heart of a saint to diagnose the whys and whatfores of humanity's deterioration, and soar beyond the rebelion plea against oblivion, injustice, meagre empathy, dearth of conscientious spirituality,  nugatory triaviality and insatiable greed to provide practical panacea and ways out for those man-made ills befalling the human species akin to a fatal lot.
       Atza also seeks and embodies Raymond's love for nature, we feel his embrace of nature stretching her arms to him, making us learn and become wiser with him exploring her serene vistas and secrets and hearkening her dulcet murmur through the chapters of the novel wherein we get a haunting sentiment of the earth and the heavens sympathizing with him as is the case  in the spiritual scene of the archeological discovery in the novel.
       If you are a searching for truth, indwelled by our modern world's conundrums, and current days' human discord, tumult and cacophony, like me, then you shall not miss the unravelling of this wonderful read's unmistakable air of being a real utterance of a human soul's strong stamp of sincerity, a tone of veracity where the travail of the thought itself is a kind of eloquence and whose pen amazes by drawing a dazzling array and a marvelous fanfare of hope howbeit, dipped in pathos it is.

~Cherifa Zekhnine

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