May 11, 2018

A Poem by Michael Kagan: "Ode to Leonard Cohen"

Michael Kagan is a jazz musician from Toronto Canada. A few years ago he heard a poem in the music and he's now "trying to say it right." He's been published in The Poet Community, Indiana Voice Journal and Leaves of Ink.

Ode to Leonard Cohen

It's quiet inside the life of a monk
seeking oneness with the universe
catching a glimpse of God
turning pain into pleasure,
he felt his own performance unforgivable
how genius suffers in a war with perfection
when he finally heard the monks
vibrating with essence
Leonard's voice
eased out his chest's loosened barrel
unraveling mysteries
in the low rumble of distant thunder
drawing words from a well at his feet
a gentleman with a dapper fedora
and well groomed bespoke suit
a ladies man in a state of grace
that used his mind
to touch a perfect body,
Leonard seeker of seekers
imbibed with the monks
a taste of disorder
laughing at chaos
on the top of mount baldy
discovering peace in emptiness
as we longed for him to come down
carrying new tablets of granite wisdom
forgiving his secrets,
he said
I'm ready my Lord
we heard him deep down.

~Michael Kagan

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