May 11, 2018

Art Gallery Paintings by Derek McCrea

My first experience with art was in 1982 attending weekly art classes at night with my mother that continued throughout the 1980s with established instructors such as Jimmy Peterson. As a family we participated in several art exhibits and events in Georgia during the summer each year. In 1987 I joined the U.S. Army and served for 24 years in locations across the Continental United States and Europe. During my military tours I was inspired by the vast differences in landscape and nature throughout the world and felt compelled to capture that emotion in art. I continued self-study, painted mostly in plein air with oils, and remained active in art galleries and the scene wherever I served as a Soldier. 

I fell in love with watercolors in 2001 when my wife purchased me a set for my birthday. I was amazed at how it was almost impossible to replicate the fluid nature of the medium, as working wet on wet the paint has a mind of it's own. I consider my work both whimsical, impressionistic, and sometimes realistic. Since 2010 I have continued to paint whenever I have time and feel like it provides a necessary balance to my life. My art can be found in galleries throughout the Southeastern United States, in private collections worldwide, and in many publications. My main focus lately has been on around 20 commissions per year from customer photos and my mid-term goal is to further branch out into licensing my artwork.

Sunset Beach Painting

Beach Sunset Painting

Beach with Lighthouse

Bradenton Beach

Destin Beach

Dogwood Tree Flowers

Fort Walton Beach

Indian Blanket Flowers

Modern Flowers

Palm Trees

Panama City Beach Pier

Sailboat with Jet Trail Oil Painting


Savannah River Street

~Derek McCrea

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