May 11, 2018

Three Poems by Barbara Suen: "An Angry God," "Cocoon to Freedom," and "Behind the Poem"

Barbara Suen is from Mishawaka, Indiana. Her poems have appeared in several regional,
and international anthologies, including the "Potpourri Anthology Vol. 1," "I Have A Name", "Verses On Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis," "Women Poets: Within And Beyond Shores Vol. 2," "Tried, Tested And True, Poets From Across The Globe," "Dandelion In A Vase Of Roses," and others. She is a moderator on a poetry site called "OPA Poetry."

An Angry God

Every day, I'm a little more confused,
more shaken than the day before.
Hope is slippery in my hands, as I hold it tight.
More men sent to war, more genocide, hatred, diseases,
starvation, racism, guns, guns, bombs
out there...lurking. Don't know where.
Anywhere. Everywhere. Cowardly tactics
hiding behind a mask.
How can this get worse? Don't ask,
it will be on the news tomorrow anyway.
Yet, I watch and listen, in disbelief...
open mouthed, whispering under my breath,
history, repeating itself rapidly.
The color of red~~"danger, fire, anger"
covering this planet.
No one is saying anything.
Except the people who have the agenda of pure hatred.
And to pass that any way they can.
The hate that grows like a fatal infection.
No medication in reach.
I imagine God in his shining white robes,
His tiger eyes are in deep thought.
His gentle hands are tensed up in a fist.
He and his angels are ready for the battle.
A tear falls from his tired eyes,
as he commanded us to love one another
as he has loved us...
"Fools", he cries. I gave you free will to "love"
to be "free"
And you tossed it aside.
Beware now of the battle,
I know my enemy well."
The Devil is hard at work, on all shores.
This god, that god. "NO"!
No God sends men into war
No God puts hate in mens hearts
No God approves of innocent blood spilled.
Innocence, lifted up to me, simply because of "hatred".

"One nation, under God. Indivisible.
With liberty and justice for all."

Divided, we shall fall.
Stand up Peace Warriors~NOW !!

So be it.

Cocoon To Freedom

You think you are forever stuck
On the leaf you sit upon.
"Caterpillar," bottom of the food chain.
Lunch for birds, squirrels. Can't run.
Didn't know that one day you'd have angel wings
One high beautiful Butterfly.

Behind The Poem

Behind the silent curtains
of the body, mind, and soul
is your one poetic voice

Joined together,
a family, a tribe, an eternal song,
as I give to you my words,
you give me yours.
Those innermost parts of us
tears, pain, sorrows, and joy
the luscious soft underbelly's
set free
in INK...

And through your words,
I know you.
I know you well.

You don't even know it yet,
Do you?
Within each one of you
A cherished voice.
Flesh and blood,
breathing "life" onto the white paper.
In the dark,
In the light.

You, my friend,
the sacred

~Barbara Suen

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