October 3, 2015

Indiana Voice Journal October 2015 Issue #15

The English Poet John Keats summed it up pretty well when he said, "The poetry of the earth is never dead". He was right. I love the "poetic" Fall season in Indiana. Here on my little spot of earth, the autumn sunshine blends a palette of colors across the tree tops- red, yellow, gold, orange, and brown. The air is chilly, perfect for nighttime bonfires, and scented ripe with the smell of molding leaves, haystacks, and wayward apples rotting against the ground. Art, poetry, motion, and life. If you think about it, there is much life even in the act of dying.

Welcome to the October 2015 issue of Indiana Voice Journal. Our 15th issue includes 20 poets, 3 creative nonfiction essays, 2 fiction stories, and a book review. It contains a masterful blend of art, poetry, motion, and life. This issue promises something for everyone. Thank you for reading and supporting these amazing authors by leaving a comment on their posts.



Two Poems By Jonel Abellanosa: "Card Reading", "Echo"

Poetry Excerpts By Brian Beatty: "Brazil, Indiana"

Three Poems By Don Beukes: "The Storm", "The Sentinal", "Childhood Days"

Three Poems By Carl Boon: "Meaning In Missouri", "Away-Girl", "On Falling In Love With A Syrian Refugee In Istanbul"

Three Poems By Tempest Brew: "Spree", "Damage", "Gift"

Three Poems By Isabel Chenot: ""Foreign Language", "Kite Flying", "On Seeing a Gull's Flight Reflected in a Wave"

Special Poetry Feature~ A Poem By Kay Cheshire: "Contentment"

Three Poems By Daniel de Culla: "A Particular Karma", "Concrete Tense", "Front Doors"

Three Poems By Allison Grayhurst: "Yes", "Fire and More", "Grace Mightier Than Natural Law"

Three Poems By Michael Lee Johnson: "Old Hens and Young Folks",  "Arctic Chill North", "Crossing the Border Divide" 

Three Poems By Riana Mercado: "Momentary Lapses", "In Such A Short Time", "Perhaps Next Time"

Three Poems By Jocelyn Mosman:  "Split Molecules, Everywhere",  "Scenes From New England",  "Neurosis"

Three Poems By B.B. Riefner: "Saying Kaddish For Myer", "Hollow Cost Museum", "Hope Comes In Strange Packages Cleverly Wrapped"

A Poem By Lucia Robinson: "Hancock County Pilgrimage"

Three Poems By G. David Schwartz: "To Dear Sweet Mrs. Horton", "If I Get Chocolate Fever", "Carol Wolfe Is A Fox" 

Three Poems By Adam Sedia: "All Hallows' Eve", "Autumn Leaves", "Vespers"

One Poem By Adreyo Sen: "Faery"

Two Poems By Jake Tringali: "recanted",  "on the edge of escape velocity"

One Poem By Will Wareing: "Caught In The Eye"

One Poem By Hiromi Yoshida: "Lazarus, Bloomington IN (July 2000)"


Fiction By Adam Renn Olenn: "The One Thing We've Got"

Flash Fiction By Laurel Sparks-Sellers: "The Floating Irony"


Two Creative Nonfiction Pieces By Gene Eller: "On the Distractions of Black Glass", and "Together Again"

Creative Nonfiction/Essay By Raymond Greiner: "Universal Consciousness"

Creative Nonfiction Article By Charles E.J. Moulton: "Burns Night in the Lilac Town"


Book Review: "Edgewater" Poetry By Arthur Powers

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