October 3, 2015

Three Poems By Tempest Brew: "Spree", "Damage", "Gift"

Tempest Brew is someone.  She enjoys coffee, wine (too much), and reading.


Some events happen
out of nowhere, a silence
followed by immediate

Like a rash breaking
like a glass sphere dropping
like a crash to the floor

There is no accounting
for the break and the smash
and the littered wounded
who anguish after


He is slowly killing his
body with each drop
that hangs between his lips
and then gets slurped down

When he got here, his hair
was straight, and now it's
kinked up again

A storm comes across the
river, and we must get home
before the downpour begins


It's a gift with a hook
a delicate baked delight
with a tooth chipping quality

A handshake with a hidden
A hug with a sudden
twist of the arms
in the wrong painful direction
~Tempest Brew

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