October 3, 2015

Three Poems By Riana Mercado: "Momentary Lapses", "In Such A Short Time", "Perhaps Next Time"

Riana Mercado is a writer currently spending her time on reading books and generally talking to people about their day. 


Out in that part of town one day
Looked past the knives and thorns, and saw
It appears like a sudden ray

Adults acting like they’re all kids
Who in turn blurt out bafflegab
From outside it looks so horrid

Addiction to closure and pain
And misfits and imperfection
Everything that leads to disdain

Songs preaching the lives I’m seeing
Blasting human emotion raw
For the truth is we’re all middling


So many books
    to read
So many people
    to meet
So many places
    to be
So many movies
    to watch
So many moments
    to miss so much
So many chances
to catch
So many glances
to snatch


I am the worst kind of anomaly
A sad, undesirable nothing
I wish it would be over finally
Maybe next time I could be worth something

Once I drew happiness in a small box
And you tossed it aside like it was trash
So instead I threw shattered glass and rocks
Perhaps you’d notice me with a deep gash

Once I wrote a story I thought suffice
All I got? A pathetic sideways glance
It doesn’t matter to me, hugs for price
It won’t matter to you, whichever stance

Don’t get me wrong, you are far from the worst
I know you smile at me more than life could
But as they say, and I believe, words hurt
Weirdly, but to me it fits like it should

I’m not washing hands and I won’t, ever
Not kindness or war, nor stained bloody rings
I wish it would end now, be all over
Maybe next time I could be worth something

~Riana Mercado

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