October 3, 2015

One Poem By Will Wareing: "Caught In The Eye"

My name is William Patrick Wareing, and I have been a writer for six or so years. I am an English creative writing major at ASU's Barrett Honors College, and I am also minoring in psychology. I started writing poetry when I first took up writing as a hobby. Soon that hobby became a passion, and I began to hone my skills as a writer. I am now mostly interested in writing fiction, and have recently started submitting my work to publications. However, I still retain my love of poetry. I have been officially published in CrackTheSpine, but I have self-published countless works on WritersNetwork. My profile can be found in the following link: http://writers-network.com/index.cgi?m=1&do=work&who=47402

Caught in the Eye

It was halfway through March
what seemed like years past autumn
to the left of leisure
to the right of my wrist . . .

A girl held my hand tight
as we stood at the bottom
of a fierce tornado
which then lay in our midst.

We kissed in September
sunny skies and weather warm
her eyes were like whiskey
my eyes struck her insane.

And such newborn romance
evolved to a gripping storm
of curious fingers
and sweat and spit like rain.

Our breathing was a fog
our smiles smelled like seduction
our sweat turned into glue
our bodies inseparable.

Yet the hurricanes came
with a furious suction
that shredded us apart
the damage irreparable.

Mangled by March we stayed
caught in one another’s eyes
in the eye of the storm
and in each other’s arms.

Whirlwinds tore off our clothes
our psychosis on the rise
panting in addiction
falling in love with the harm.

Caught whirling in the eye
we forgot what love even meant
we only craved the touch
as the gentle winds grew strong.

We listened to the music
of how our bodies bent
til no longer were we human
but animals in a song.

~Will Wareing

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