October 3, 2015

Special Poetry Feature~ A Poem By Kay Cheshire: "Contentment"

Congratulations to Kay Cheshire for her winning poem in the poetry contest benefiting On Wings of Eagles, held by Stacy Savage at  Poetry Contests For A Cause .

 Kay Nelson Cheshire is from Greensboro, NC and has a book of poetry, Beyond the Window (St. Andrews Press). She has received the North Carolina Thomas H. McDill Poetry Award. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Weymouth-An Anthology of Poetry; the Crucible; Here’s to the Land – an Anthology of Poetry; and A Turn in Time-Piedmont Writers at the Millennium.


Like newfound money, I want to save
days that are quiet, where only birdsong fills
the air and faint breezes brush my hair like
a lover.

Days filled with abundance, where worry
is only a word, and pains are washed clean
by waterfalls.

I want to feel sun rays on freckled skin,
keep the moonlight shinning, rest in
an oak’s shadow while butterflies
carry away the hurt.

Those are the days I want to
reach inside my pockets
and feel them full.

  ~Kay Cheshire

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