October 3, 2015

Three Poems By G. David Schwartz: "To Dear Sweet Mrs. Horton", "If I Get Chocolate Fever", "Carol Wolfe Is A Fox"

G. David Schwartz is the former President of "Seed House", an on-line, interfaith community forum.  He has published three books -  " A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue" (1994),  "Midrash and Working Out Of The Book" ( 2004), and most recently "Shards and Stanzas" (2011).

He is currently retired, and besides writing, he spends his time volunteering in his community with Meals On Wheels 


To Dear Sweet Mrs. Horton
I have always loved writhing
And she is the reason
She taught me that writhing
Is really so pleasing
But one day she did confuse me
After days and days of teaching English
She bought up  Ogden Nash 
And he became my teacher
Now what rhyme beside trash

If I Get Chocolate Fever
Its been real, real good
To be seeking out the meal
Which when chocolate
Its really good to feel
on my tongue
If I’m not dumb
I will only need her
To cure my chocolate fever
Melt it off or lick it down
But don’t throw it all around
For there is litter best than
Having chocolate fever 
Guests appear on Leno and Letterman
And they have a good time
But I’d stay home with chocolate fear
That’s so good  in my mind

Carol Wolfe Is A Fox
Carol Wolfe is a fox 
What do you think about that
I think she’s cute in that monkey suit 
And she is not fat
She has always been
Really nice to me 
But what she did when I was gone
She did never give way
When I do eat lunch with her
I don’t eat her lunch
I don’t even think of it
Of else I’d want to munch
I’ve never put a hand on her
Never kissed her eye brows
Never been out farming
Nor milking all them cows
Nor shall I ever
Go milking at a cow
Never will I ever
Stoke her pretty brow
And never, never will I ever
Though I am willing to try

~G. David Schwartz

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