February 15, 2016

Poet Elizabeth Brooks Responds to "Image Defined"

Poems: Broken and Hunted, and Unbridled Potential

"Image Defined" by Shameeg van Schalkwyk

Broken and Hunted

Things are tough and times are rough.
You feel broken and hunted
vulnerable and threatened
Stay alert to disruptions and doubts and squabbles
flashing lights and sirens,
and oppression- subtle and blatant
that is not news but the norm.
Don’ let that get you down or invade your spirit.
Continue to stay in tune to hear and develop what is
your spirit, to discern the magic and the joy
within that no one can take away from you.
Comply to protect your body. Don’t be defiant!
Set yourself apart be true to your spirit
you have work to do. You are authentic.
Not an endangered species
or any protected list
You are not wild or an animal.
You are a proud talented
and intelligent male who
happens to be Black an African.
Continue to dream!
Live the life you imagined. You are a wonderful
human being who will contribute
to the heart of your community.
You know your value
to humanity, you are privileged
Because you are aware of the
precious gifts God has
Given to you.

~Elizabeth Brooks

Unbridled Potential

A remarkable opportunity
which reveals beauty and strength.
Unbridled potential, reflected from
within little ole me
manifested as distinctive and exotic
steadfast and mysterious.

Focused in solitude
perked ear listening
to that small voice,
eye showing determination
full of intent, as I experience
being in the Presence.
Image defined. On water
as natural as solid ground.

I feel the power and magnitude
of the burning sensation of
my passion,
the boldness of my vision
which is sometimes threatened,
sometimes elusive
when confronted with challenges
with tension as I transition
because others are not able to see
what has been revealed to me
the brilliance of my talent
the beauty of my gift
that the world eagerly awaits

I am very blessed, encouraged
and fortunate
that my purpose has been
made clear to me
and I know what I am entrusted to do.
I have the choice to recede or blend in.
But for now my audience
is quite selective.
It is an audience
of one, my protector,
provider, and life-giver.
He is counting on me to
utilize my full potential
to use the gifts He has given me.
I have been chosen
I am Spirit led and Spirit fed
filled with divine inspiration.

~Elizabeth Brooks

Elizabeth Brooks resides in Tampa, Florida. She is originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  A lover of life, family, friends, a good book,  lots of laughter and continues to grow in her faith and accept many challenges.  She is a librarian by profession and a part-time reference librarian at Saint Leo University, St. Leo Florida. She continues to enjoy reading and sharing her poems with many, at events in Tampa Bay.

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