February 2, 2016

Visual Art By Eric Hill

Telling a story is my priority no matter what the Medium or Style … A Seduction of Color, Composition, Light/ Shadow revealing a sensation of being.
I draw images from the unconscious by spontaneous action over a ‘Section de Or’ grid, then apply Elements of Abstract, Cubism, Symbolism, Expressionism, to heighten the sensation / meaning. I want to leave the Viewer with an insight into the Interior Worlds, like an inward looking Mirror.

I Studied  at Atlanta Art Institute: Oil Painting and Life Drawing;                                                                             At  the Art Student League: Life Drawing with Marshal Glassier  Finishing School: Ina Marx The Decorative Arts: Glazes, Gilding, Faux, Color Harmonies;  with Zhang Shou-Cheng: Chinese Pen and Ink.
Art is all encompassing. I earn my daily bread with the Decorative Arts. My work has been featured in ‘House Beautiful’ 1989 Cover Story as well as Architectural Digest. Many top Restaurants feature our Atmospheric finishes:      Il Bucco, La Paella, Petrossian and recently on West Broadway the world famous ‘Mamo’  http://www.erichill418.com/

“The Kiss” – 18 x 24 – oils on cavasboard
"A Study"

“The Present” – 24 x 30 – oils on canvas
Now is the Magick moment.
Whatever the past, it can be summed up in the present, what you got now. As for the future – it starts now – make it yours.

“Found in the Present” – 26 x 28 – Oils on Linen
While ‘facts’ try to square themselves with the past and future, the beauty of the present is that we can understand now.

~Eric Hill

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