February 15, 2016

Introducing Visual Artist Shameeg van Schalkwyk

out the artist whose images grace this issue of Indiana Voice Journal

Shameeg van Schalkwyk is a self-taught visual artist. He is 25, has one sibling, and lives with his parents in Heideveled, South Africa.

His passion is art, although his favourite hobby is playing football. Shameeg belongs to an N.G.O that offers various sporting codes along with community upliftment programmes which includes soccer.

In his spare time, he hosts an art programme where he teaches young learners about the skill of art and creativity. It's a positive, fun activity for the children.
Shameeg states, "My teaching the art class won't be able to change the world, but it has the ability to change a life. We come from a gang-riddled, poverty driven area where everyday life is a blessing to just make it thru the day." 

During one of our many conversations via social media, I mentioned to Shameeg how impressed I was, not only with his artwork, but with his heart. He is humble, respectful, and has such a caring attitude toward others. Given the harsh area where he struggles to rise, I wondered who or what has made such a difference in this young man's life, and how did he keep from getting caught up in the gangs?  His answer, "Thank you Ms.Pickett.  I think my art has moulded me into the person I am today. Thanks to my parents for whipping me when I was younger. Without my humbleness, sincerity, and respect, I don't have anything at all Ms.Pickett."

Recently, Shameeg finished a colorful 3-D art mural for one of the primary schools in the area; and the Athlone News wrote a feature article about Shameeg and his artwork.

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