February 2, 2016

Three Poems By Melissa Parietti: "Music Box", "Holy Wafer", "Deadly Arrow"

Melissa Parietti is a writer from Long Island who has produced poems, short stories, novels, and business literature. Find Melissa on Twitter @MelissaParie.

IVJ Parietti Poem Feb 2016

Music Box

Firstly Coral was
written, along with
Kelp and other piano-cello
songs I lost in the
fire; I still hear them
delicate notes
when I taste –

Holy Wafer

You cannot receive this holy wafer again
In this case, forgiveness is enough
truth be told, my husband to me is
like gold
All traitorous men otherwise,
like rust.

Deadly Arrow

My deadly arrow
I shoot to you
is hard and cold and uncouth;
I’ve ignored the women who
whined – your lover is false for
that reason and thine –
my sister last he did dine –
my cousin, a boy, his light, he shined
    I cage, I rut, I burst and cuss
    I shrug my shoulders, ‘tis not
                       my loss. 

~Melissa Parietti

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