December 3, 2016

A Poem by Sherry Howard: "Silver and Gold"

Sherry Howard lives in Kentucky in a house full of people and dogs. She enjoys writing prose and poetry. She says she's "an educator by trade, and a writer by choice. I like to say that our busy household is two dancing bears short of a circus, but I still find time to write."

Silver and Gold 

December is the month of cheer,
when trees go up and smiles appear,
and mistletoe makes people kiss,
while we forget all things amiss.

The trees appear and people smile,
trade gifts and giggle for a while,
‘cause they forget all things amiss,
in gold and silver Christmas bliss.

Gifts and giggles replace our worries,
life slows down despite our hurries,
silver and golden bliss is dear,
December is the month for cheer.

© Sherry Howard

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