December 3, 2016

Three Poems by Julie Petersen: "Writer's Strife," "Wishes of Forever," and "Dreamer's Message"

Julie Petersen lives in Colorado where she has worked as a database professional for over 10 years while pursuing technical writing to give life to her desire to write. Her passion for writing and poetry started as a young adult after high school when she published her first poems in several anthologies. After returning to writing poetry over a year ago, Julie is an active poet on social media poetry groups and is included with many other contemporary poets in the top selling anthology titled "Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze: (Contemporary Poetry By New and Experienced Poets)".

Winter's Strife

Gold seeps through the frosty white
Comforted sweetly from chill of night
Welcoming leaves in fields of snow
Never to stay where the wind will blow

Green and gold in Sun's pure love
Soak in light from skies above
As Winter wanes and Spring takes hold
White gives way to colors bold

Bushes, trees, and grasses grow
Renewed again in epic show
The Earth replenishes with life
Despite the long, cold winter's strife

Wishes of Forever

White powder feathers drifting
Glistening crystals of renewal falling
Gathering upon the white dusted ground
Anticipating the embrace of the warm inviting Earth
Gazing upon the sky above I feel the tickles of hope
Falling upon my face with sweet tenderness
As I sit in silence welcoming their arrival
Giving me their love adorned greetings
While my hands capture the crystalline dreams
Gifted to my heart and soul from the heavens
Bringing with them my wishes of forever

Dreamer's Message

Somewhere beyond the scattered clouds
Billowing across the moonlit sky
Transcendent dreams recall the night
As morning glow arrives below

Glittering flakes floating down
Resting softly upon the ground
Blanket the hills in winter cloak
As dispersed hopes release with light

In the distance, into twilight
Appear sheets of white in shadow gloom
Waiting for the melt of dawn
Where belief outshines the crescent moon

Sunrise brings the dreamer's message
All is not lost waiting for hope
Realization more than distant glimmers
Seen among the shooting stars

©Julie Petersen

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