December 3, 2016

December 2016/January 2017 Issue's #29 & #30: "The Winter Edition"

Tiergarten in Winter by Lesser Ury 1892

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Indiana Voice Journal! We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday Season. We have combined the December and January issues to ensure our staff gets to spend some quality time with their families during this season of miraculous possibilities. Light the fire, grab some coffee, and enjoy the fantastic poems and stories in this special issue of IVJ.


Three Poems by Prerna Bakshi: "Buried in the Snow in Kashmir," "The Ethical Dilemma: Kids and Santa Claus," and "The Water Divide"
Three Poems by John Grey: "A Traveler on a Stormy Night," "Goodnight," and "This Grip on Me"
A Poem by Dr. Mel Waldman: "The Phone Always Rings"
A Poem by KJ Carter: "The Sacred Fragrance"
Three Poems by Jenny Kalahar: "The Yeti's Christmas," "Christmas Is," and "A Child's Christmas Cookbook"
Three Poems by Daya Bhat: "Hegemony," "Identity," and "Kanakambika"
Three Poems by JD DeHart: "Saucers," "Sharkskin," and "Prescriptions"
Three Poems by Stefanie Bennett: "The Rose Window," "Forger,' and "Lucidity"
Three poems by Doreen Joy Graham: "January Blizzards," "My Cat Named January," and "January Snowflakes Glisten"
Three Poems by Donal Mahoney: "Another Christmas Alone," "A Different New Year's Eve," and "Two Coots on New Year's Eve"
Two Poems by David Allen: "Year's End on Okinawa," and "No Christmas Tree"
Two Poems by Lynda McKinney Lambert: "Pantoum to Winter" and "Christmas Scentiments" 
Three Poems by Julie Petersen: "Writer's Strife," "Wishes of Forever," and "Dreamer's Message"
A Poem by Daginne Aignend: "A Murder in my Street"
Three Poems by Michael Lee Johnson: "Solo Boxing," "Hazy Arizona Sky," and "Lion in my Heart"
Three Poems by Andrew Harmon: "Dreams in the Cold," "Sherpa House -- Golden, Colorado," and "Spokey Dokey"
A Poem by Sherry Howard: "Silver and Gold"


CNF/Essay by Donal Mahoney: "A Not-Too-Jolly Santa Claus"
CNF/Essay by Raymond Greiner: "The Best Christmas"
CNF/Essay by Kelly J. Stigliano: "Christmas Clash"
CNF/Memoir by Harry Youtt: "A Child's Christmas in Midwest Ohio"


Fiction by Paisley Kauffmann: "Delicate Tissue"
Fiction by Nancy Lane: "Driven Snow"
Fiction by Donal Mahoney: "What If Mary Had Chosen Otherwise"

A Video Greeting From Charles EJ Moulton/The Creativity Webzine

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