December 3, 2016

Three poems by Doreen Joy Graham: "January Blizzards," "My Cat Named January," and "January Snowflakes Glisten"

Doreen Joy Graham of Calgary, Alberta, Canada is an award winning poet who enjoys writing in traditional form poetry with metered lines and rhymes. She has written three fiction novels two of them are self published and available at She is a mother and grandmother who enjoys writing about the simple joys of life. When trekking through tough times, her motto is to get better, not bitter. She’s always looking to brighten somebody’s day with her writing.

January Blizzards

Each January, fresh years start with snow,
like tiny skaters gliding in a globe.
We ski and slide with rosy cheeks aglow,
then sip hot cocoa snuggled in a robe.

Our shovels, at the ready, clear the way,
huge blowers tidy sidewalks down the street.
Skilled driving gets us where we work or play,
iced mittens wave to neighbors that we greet.

But cabin fever tends to make us pale,
a little jaundiced, joints get weak and numb.
A journey to Jamaica puffs our sail,
combined with sun and beach time sipping rum.

When blizzards make us dream of holidays,
hard work can earn us sunshine getaways.

My Cat Named January

My January cat looks out,
surveys his winter neighborhood.
He’ll choose to stay inside, no doubt,
my January cat looks out.
His pampered tail may flick about,
where cozy warmth inside is good.
My January cat looks out,
surveys his winter neighborhood.

January Snowflakes Glisten

When January snowflakes glisten,
sweet reminiscence warms my heart.
Flushed cheeks aglow from young lips kissin’,
our vintage vow to never part.

A window to my past unlocks,
when January snowflakes glisten.
Encased in crystal timeless clocks,
enchanted moments I’m now missin’.

I pause for winter sounds, and listen,
in hopes approaching steps are yours.
When January snowflakes glisten,
I’m sad once more by deaths closed doors.

Chilled wind sends whiffs of musk cologne,
your ghostly presence has me wishin’.
Reality stings – I’m alone,
when January snowflakes glisten.

© Doreen Joy Graham

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