April 5, 2017

A Poem by Bob Eager: "Melba Toast Kind of Feelin' "

Bob Eager’s work has appeared in Stray Branch, Leaves of ink, Camel Saloon, Vision With Voices among others. Bob also can be seen reciting poetry on a video channel called Charisma Corner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4LE_Mq1x2w.  In this poem, Bob addresses the question: "Is Melba Fake or Real Toast?"

Melba Toast Kind Of Feelin'

Becomes appealing only if it is...
The last thing on the shelf;
Or at the table grab it no one is watching-
Hard substance throws like a dog biscuit;

Some say it is a
Secret laboratory created hybrid ;
Or Something Synthetic?
Enough to survive on but hard to crunch and your teeth may cringe.
Dangerous seemingly stale weapon ?
Fake toast or is it?

Not a craving but a mediocre ...
Get through the day bare minimum;

Hits me again .
A Last resort!
That Melba toast kind of feelin'.

© Bob Eager

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